About Us

New Co Merchandise is a leading full-service branded merchandise solution revolutionizing how merchandising challenges are met in today’s business climate.  With 20 years experience in the branded apparel and merchandise industry, we help our clients maximize existing and new found revenue streams to increase bottom lines and brand awareness.

We offer:

• Creative services and product development
• Tour & event management services
• E-commerce solutions and back-end logistics
• Money saving access to our leveraged buying power
• Proprietary T-Shirt Blanks & Custom Fits
• 300K square foot manufacturing facilities THAT WE OWN in both Los Angeles and Mexico
• Full sourcing and manufacturing capabilities in Asia
• Licensing, Distribution, Private Label
• Unlimited bundling, added value and point of sale options
• Promotional and marketing merchandise (ASI)
• Expertise and experience in developing cutting edge fashion brands inspired by the Southern California lifestyle

Company History

The Dubar family started screen printing in their backyard over 20 years ago, printing shirts one at a time for their Orange County punk rock, surfer, and skateboarding friends, prophetically calling the company Massive Prints.

Massive Prints is now one of the largest apparel facilities in North America with silk screen, custom dye, and other proprietary properties throughout Los Angeles and Mexico, manufacturing for many of today’s top brands such as Affliction, Hurley, Volcom, DC, C1rca, Tap Out, Roxy, Y&R, Metal Mulisha, Fresh Jive, Zoo York, Billabong, Quicksilver, O’Neill, In-N-Out Burger, as well as many professional Sports franchises and entertainment companies.

Utilizing state of the art equipment and an in depth knowledge of advanced printing techniques and graphic arts & design, Massive Prints has become the premiere choice for top quality customers.

New Co Merchandise, an independent unit under the roof of Massive Prints founded by Rob Dubar and John Nutcher, was created to offer full service merchandise solutions for today’s top brands in the entertainment, fashion, & sports industries, giving unique access to our unparalleled capabilities and buying power. New Co is the gateway to the same infrastructure that supplies the marketplace with today’s top brands.w

FAQ & Art Requirements

File Extensions we use:

Primary Extensions
.ai  –  Adobe Illustrator (Vector)
.psd –  Adobe Photoshop (Raster)
.eps  –  Used to be an earlier Adobe Illustrator format that still works.

Other Extensions
.pdf (Adobe Acrobat)
.jpg or .jpeg (JPG)
.tif or .tiff

Art File Formats

Vector Art: Uses geometric shapes to ensure good print quality. This art file can be resized without losing print quality.

Raster (Rasterized) Art: Similar to a monitor, this format uses many dots per square inch (DPI) to create an image. The higher the DPI number, the better the print quality.  Unlike the vector format, resizing a raster file can result in a loss of print quality

Your monitor uses 72 DPI.
Print requires at least 300 DPI .

Art Size
To ensure the print quality is to your liking, be sure to submit your artwork relatively close to your desired size if you are using these file extensions: .psd, .jpg, .gif, .tiff and sometimes .pdf.

Although size may vary, your typical file size (with raster files) is 10”-14” wide x 18” high with 300 DPI.

Screens bigger than 18” in height are considered jumbo prints, which cost more.

Color Formats – RGB vs CMYK
RGB = Red Green Blue – Rich in color due to the use of lights (Monitors/TV).
CMYK = Cyan Magenta Yellow and Black –Ink of paper so not as bright/colorful (Color Printers)

RGB colors will always be brighter than CMYK.

Submission Checklist

– Art available in correct format?
– Size run (Toddler, YM-YL, SM-2X, GXS-GXL)
– If known: blank style number and producer. (Example: Anvil 779).
– Ask about alternative/eco/generic options (American Apparel style, Massive style, Affliction style, Slim Fit, Organic. Hemp, etc)
– Blank stock colors
– PFD blanks (Prepared For Dye) – custom dye ads a few days.  Any color can be achieved.
– Visual mock for placement
– Two sets of screens needed? (1 set for smaller shirts, 2nd set for bigger tees)
– Special inks? (Metallic, Flock, Foil, Glitter, Discharge, Plastisol, Glow in the Dark, etc)

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